Vivian Hoorn is an Amsterdam-based visual storyteller. A fashion and lifestyle photographer as well as art director, Vivian’s work transports you on a breathtaking journey around the world to dreamy locations. People, scenery and feelings are intertwined to create harmonious moments.

These are moments we want to immortalize, forever. Not moments saved in digital spaces, but those that hold a special place in our minds. Captured with her favorite analogue cameras, Vivian’s work manifests the sanguine nostalgia of a postcard picture, in which every summer has a story to tell. Something to sweeten those days when our hearts and minds are restlessly stalked by the desire to travel.

An observable influence in Vivian’s work is Cape Town – a place she holds dear to her. A source of inspiration, creation, exploration and a closer connection to nature. For Vivian, Cape Town holds the key to living a more pure existence. A feeling that can’t quite be put into sentences, but that can be in the photographs within the pages of her book and prints. In the words of Vivian, ‘see what I see, travel with me’.
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